About Us

Health and fitness professionals

Our health and fitness professionals ensure a closer bond and a greater relationship with the client.

Each service that we provide is created from our client’s needs – we make it convenient, informative, interactive and fun!
Fitness classes, one-to-one online meetings and webinars are the perfect solution to engage and inspire.

Health & Wellbeing

Our health and fitness professionals work to make a positive difference to the communities in which we operate.

Great health and living actively aren’t about building muscles or breaking records, it’s about energy and vitality. It’s that indefinable but utterly incredible feeling you get from being energized and healthy at any age!

Our Team

Professionals on hand to deliver

Our team has access to every professional you need including behavioural psychologists, chiropractors, dietitians, fitness instructors, food hygienists, health assessors, massage therapists, medical doctors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, podiatrists, skin specialists, sports coaches, sports nutrition specialists and stress management experts.

We believe that with the right encouragement, programmes, facilities and motivation, you can look better, feel better, work better and live longer – that emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing is essential to a healthy life.

Our Values

We live to improve people’s health and wellbeing and our values of being responsible; responsive; passionate and determined; mean we deliver consistently outstanding service that is always fresh and exciting.

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Health and wellbeing choices

We can help you to become healthier, fitter, slimmer and happier. Our health and fitness professionals do this by educating and supporting you to make informed health choices.

We understand the threats to you right now

  • Unhealthy lifestyles that lead to absenteeism, obesity and presenteeism
  • The erosion of the mind/body connection caused by stress
  • The impact of health on safety

Health and wellbeing choices for employees

Our team of specialists include personal trainers, dietitians, chiropractors, nurses, psychologists, doctors and health promotion experts.
We work with organisations to transform the health and wellbeing of employees to encourage good health practice.

We shape people’s lives and we love what we do!