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New Member Spotlight

Step Change in Safety welcomes our new member healthoutfit

Healthoutfit specialise in helping companies and their workforce make informed wellness choices through effective employee engagement programmes. Their programmes are created to stimulate self-help and lifestyle changes to enhance health and wellbeing, delivered through cost-effective solutions that provide a measurable return on investment.

Steve McIntosh, Managing Director of healthoutfit, says “We firmly believe that employee wellbeing is paramount. For almost 25 years we have been dedicated to fostering a supportive and positive work environment for our clients, and we recognize that prioritising wellbeing is a shared responsibility. Promoting the health and happiness of all employees is at the core of our values and mission.”

Craig Wiggins, Executive Director of Step Change in Safety “We are delighted to welcome healthoutfit to our member base. Our Wellbeing workgroup was formed with the aim to create a culture that prioritises wellbeing, fosters resilience, and supports the emotional, physical and psychological needs of our workforce. We welcome healthoutfit’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, and look forward to working together.”

Our 165+ member base is diverse and includes operators, contractors, trade bodies, government organisations, trade unions, helicopter operators and supply chain members.

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