3D Body Scan a resounding success for Healthoutfit team at OE23!

Healthoutfit partnered with Scottish Development International on the Scottish Pavilion at Offshore Europe 2023 for four days early September and created quite a stir!

Healthoutfit launched their new 3D body scanning service at Offshore Europe 2023 with live demonstrations that have resulted in a full order book for Q4.

3D body scanning has emerged as a groundbreaking technology, revolutionizing the way we track and monitor our health and fitness. By creating precise digital 3D models of the human body, this non-invasive scanning method offers so many benefits for employer working towards improved well-being for their workforce.

According to the World Health Organisation obesity is a major public health problem in the UK and globally. In adults, being overweight and obese is associated with life-limiting conditions, including Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers and Covid 19 deaths.

According to our government, tackling obesity is one of the greatest long-term health challenges this country faces. Our country’s rates of obesity are storing up future problems for individuals and our NHS. Many people who are overweight want to lose weight but find it hard. We are biologically programmed to eat and when we are bombarded by advertisements and promotions for food — it’s hard to eat healthily,

Steve McIntosh Managing Director, Healthoutfit said “We encourage everyone to experience this innovative technology and unlock their true potential for optimal well-being.” Steve goes on to say ”Traditional methods such as mirrors, tape measure, weighing scales or bio impedance monitors can all be influenced by various factors, but 3D body scanners offer an unmatched level of precision.”

By using advanced sensors, these scanners capture thousands of measurements, resulting in a highly accurate 3D model. This precision empowers individuals to gain a better understanding of their health and fitness status and track their progress with utmost accuracy. But it isn’t always about losing weight – health risks and real-time tracking, posture evaluation and muscle imbalances can be measurably improved with tailored exercise strategies.

3D body scanning is an effective preventive tool, helping individuals identify and mitigate health risks associated with overweight and obesity. It enables Healthoutfit Wellness Coaches to tailor exercise and nutrition programmes and promote long-term well-being.

For more information email Penny Elliott penny@healthoutfit.co.uk