Making health a lifestyle

For more than 20 years healthoutfit has helped organisations like yours make informed wellness choices for their workforce.

3D Body Scan

In just 30 seconds, get a full 3D infra-red body scan and know your exact statistics and body fat %.  Visually track your successful centimetre and fat loss!

#3D technology

  • Contactless, safe, and private
  • For successful body composition management
  • Tracks health risks of obesity related disease
  • Posture analysis

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The Challenge

Raise Your Game and challenge your colleagues to make healthier habits in just 6 weeks!

Health on Demand

Our experts advise on individual nutrition and exercise plans.  A fast and effective way for your workforce to reach and maintain their health goals.

Health on Demand

We design your company employee wellness programme, customise a web page for the exclusive use of your office and offshore personnel, and provide fresh and engaging content every quarter.

Now more than ever, you can have that much needed wellness programme that includes physical and mental wellness and nutrition.  You’ve been talking about it for a long time, now there’s no excuse.

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Whether you’re looking for a 30 minute expert-led healthy webinar or a full on Healthy Living Day with all the fun that goes with it.  We’re here for you!

Healthy Living Day

A health and wellness day engages employees with your corporate health and fitness benefit plans. This fun, engaging event can provide nutrition guidelines, educational fitness demonstrations, health risk assessments and biometric screenings to promote positive lifestyle changes.
Employees are encouraged to ask questions and gather resources to promote healthier habits to improve health.

Lifestyle Health Checks

A lifestyle health check is a great way for employees to assess their current health status and identify areas for improvement. It can help them prevent or manage chronic diseases and improve their quality of life.  The 30 minute, confidential assessment includes blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, waist measurements and lifestyle review.

Gym Management

Gym Management

We help make your onsite gym a safe and effective place to exercise with gym inductions, personal coaching sessions and exciting group exercise classes if space allows.

Gym Management

As part of an employer’s health and safety responsibilities, whether you have one exercise bike in a cupboard or a full sports centre on site, you need a competent contractor to manage regular equipment checks and gym inductions for new users.  Please don’t let your fitness facility be an accident waiting to happen.

We provide qualified and experienced wellness coaches specialising in corporate facilities, including group exercise class and personal coaching.  We can provide numerous, current testimonials – please email

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