Raise Your Game

There is no question that regular exercise is essential to good health, that alone is motivating for some folks.
For others, setting meaningful personal goals — finishing a 10K race or getting back into those jeans you love — and keying into what motivates you can help launch a successful change to your lifestyle.

Motivation takes many forms, so find the carrot (or stick) that works for you.

The Raise Your Game Challenge may be exactly what you need to kick start the change that you want.

Join us for a powerful journey that will change your life.

It’s fun with an easy-to-use app to support your health and wellness progress over 6 weeks, which helps you stay committed to improving your health.

As this is a self-reporting challenge, we start with an honest assessment of where we are, where we want to go, and how we can ensure we get there.

Easy to install…

Download the app

Available on IOS & Android.

Easy to use

It’s fun and easy to use!  Just download the app and input your company department (onshore) or offshore asset ID.


Add our recommended healthy habits to your daily routine and feel the difference immediately! Your mood will be better and you’ll have more energy.

Your Daily Programme Cards help you stay focused!

Daily Programme Cards deliver validated & engaging WELLBEING content every day straight to your device.

Daily trackers… know your goals…

Daily trackers provide the personal accountability needed to STAY FOCUSED.  Add one point for every daily goal you reach – aim for a total of 7 points a week for 6 weeks.

Connect with colleagues… Compare progress…

Be a part of your Team Communities chat.  Every participant from your offshore asset or site department is part of your team so whether you’re looking for a training partner or sharing a link to a great recipe, this is the place to go.

Your Wellness Coach…

Your wellness COACH provides that all important nudge and supports lifestyle changes.  You can easily connect for personal online sessions and get help with exercise and nutrition throughout the Raise Your Game Challenge.

CONNECT to Tracking Apps…

You connect to one of your favourite tracking apps to effortlessly upload activities.

Stay competitive… Stay focused…

During the Challenge your team LEADERBOARD increases engagement and brings participants together.

If you prefer a low profile then you can opt in and out at any time to compare your progress with colleagues.

Get started today

If you don’t know your offshore asset or company department ID please email  info@healthoutfit.co.uk giving the name of the asset/department where you work.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information on data protection.